Call For Papers

Panel: "Disciplining Entrepreneurship in Music Higher Education"

America's music schools are adopting entrepreneurship education at a steady rate. However, the lack of an accepted definition or conception of "entrepreneurship" has spawned a diverse range of curricular structuring. Concurrently, a lack of scholarship concerning these efforts has buttressed perceptions of "entrepreneurship education in music" as "business education for music students."

With new and progressive literature on entrepreneurship emerging from the economic, cognitive and social sciences, many Music Entrepreneurship programs (and students) have yet to reap the rewards of this scholarship. As this field emerges, developing a solid intellectual foundation is critical to the success and sustainability of these efforts.

The Brevard Conference on Music Entrepreneurship invites papers that address Entrepreneurship education in American music training. We are particularly interested in papers that explore:

  1. Theoretical or philosophical structuring
  2. Curricular and program design
  3. New approaches to pedagogy
  4. Interdisciplinary connections
  5. Conceptualizations of "Entrepreneurship" in the context of Music training
  6. Continuities and discontinuities of entrepreneurship education in business and arts curricula
Please send a 250 word abstract by email to [email protected]. Deadline for abstracts is May 1, 2007. Papers will be limited to 10 minutes (approximately) 8 pages, double spaced. Inquiries concerning submissions are encouraged.